Mad ad world!

It is very heartening to know that our ads are making a mark at international ad forums. The ‘Happy Dent’ ad is said to have caused quite a stir a recent advertising award ceremony.

A supplement of the Economic Times has a very interesting section called ‘Best. Bekaar and Bewildered’. The experts analyse recent ads and put them into respective categories with a brief explaination for us ignorant masses. Do make it a point to check this section- usually on the last page of ‘Brand Equity’ supplement!

Yet, ads seem to coverge on us from every direction- at home- via TV, phones and door to door marketing. Once you leave the house advertisements are everywhere, hoardings, walls, radio, Internet etc etc.
How much do we register and does it really make a difference to our purchase decisions? Only the pundits will know….

My take as a hounded consumer has been selected at 4IW, click here to read on….


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