Think about this..

Today India is poised to make a mark on world stage! Every company worth its salt is itching to enter our markets. Our huge population is suddenly lucrative to boost company bottom lines. Money experts speak of GDP and other gobbledygook terms but all convey a euphoric feeling about the future.

Other than their 12 hours put in at work what are the same millions doing about progress? We are full of ideas about how the authorities must solve civic issues- roads, transport, garbage etc but what do we do? Break traffic rules and indiscriminately throw garbage without a blink of an eyelid. Any person who tries to do the ‘right’ thing is ostracised and ridiculed.

They say adults must set a ‘good’ example for children. With these actions what do we expect our next generation to learn? We ape the west in fashion; food and consumer trends yet conveniently ignore their self-discipline and respect for rules. Indians willingly follow rules when they go abroad then why not here?

Every one is eager to take the government to task with the RTI. However we get our act together before we can demand the government to do its bit. Ask not only what your country does for you but also what you are doing for it. Remember every right involves a duty on our part. We conveniently forget these basics learnt in school the moment we cross the threshold into adulthood.

The race for success must not dilute or erase our social duties. Its time we took some responsibility. Its one thing to talk of social change with a coffee cup in hand but quite a different cup of tea to actually have the guts to go out and take the first steps- alone if need be. Indians are an intelligent hard working lot so why do we find it so difficult to follow rules meant for our safety?

If even a fraction of our teeming millions resolve to make a difference I think we will see an overnight change in our country. True, infrastructure has to improve but till then the existing one has to be used effectively. Practising self-control is a good way to begin.

Can we promise ourselves to follow at least one traffic rule everyday? Is it so difficult? No more excuses. These are our roads. We too have to work to keep them clean and orderly.

Lets help this 60-year-old toddler to run. No more words and token gestures. Let our actions demonstrate our pride for India.

Jai Hind!

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  2. Thanks Ravi, It is my honour that you have read my post!
    Do keep visiting my blog.
    Happy Divali!

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