Xmas Cake

November has begun. Divali is just a few days away. Most of us would have done some shopping, for the entire family and the home. Gifts too should have been taken care of by now.

However do spare a few minutes for something divine to be made next month.
That’s right, the Christmas cake.

I was lucky enough to have learnt this recipie from the legendary baker, Selvaraj at DSSC Wellington. I can share it with you but later…

Right now, what needs to be done is marination of the dry fruits.
Clean and put together equal proportions of dry fruits- cashew nuts, almonds, manuka (black raisins) and candied orange peel. Some tutti fruti will add to the bulk if you do not wish to add too many nuts. Walnuts are not be added at this stage. Add a cup of rum and one teaspoon of Cinnamon and clove powder for 400 gms of the fruit mixture. Mix all ingredients well.

Place is a glass bottle and leave till December. The nuts absorb the rum and the mixture dries up. Shake the bottle once a day to ensure even spreading of the rum which tends to settle down.

I usually do this in August itself but up to 2 weeks prior to baking is fine.

Do this today itself for a delicious Christmas cake.


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