Blast from the Past

Music produced today often seems like a one day wonder, hardly enduring the test of time. Numbers which can be heard at every party, paan-shop, mobile ring tone or radio is forgotten just as fast when a new one tops the count downs!

Why does this happen? Have our interests become so fickle and non-enduring? Yet a single melody from the days gone by ( I mean 70s,80s or even earlier) surely has the power to get us to pause, listen and enjoy. For some of us the tune may bring back fond memories and we can easily relive them as we hear the songs.

Those of us who love music may have SONY cassettes which were were common then (1980s). They were either C60 or C90s- the digits referring to the playing time. I have some which still play beautifully. Cassettes purchased today last probably just as long as the song does in our memory, irrespective of cost of the tape (which supposedly reflects quality).

A favourite of mine is the ‘Sunday morning show’ on Spin channel on World Space Satellite Radio. Rock pop music of the 70s, 80s is played with some interesting accompanying history by the host, Ravi Khanolkar.

So get out your old music, put it on better formats if need be and get back in touch with timeless melodies- irrespective of language or genre! Let the blast from the past revive and recharge you!


2 Replies to “Blast from the Past”

  1. Hi. I am an Indian classical music fan but on your recommendation I have tuned into to this Spin show on Sunday morning. I am enjoying it thoroughly.
    Thanks and rgds
    A music lover

  2. Hi Archana,

    Very true about the music scene today…gone are the days of one melody lingering in your head for days…my name is avinash, content manager from spin. ravi forwarded your blog link to me. it’s good to know you like the sunday morning drop us a line at [email protected]…we’d be more than happy to hear from you…until then…keep listening!! cheers, avinash

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