Well Settled (ThursdayTreeLove)

Today, my tree is not really a tree.. its a woody perennial climber that grows huge thick trunks that almost look like tree trunks. Its very well known for its flowers and very common all over India. This non-native species has made itself at home and seems very happy judging by the profuse flowering we see.

Well settled as it were!

The flamboyant blossoms are not fragrant but are a sight to behold. Strangely its ‘petals’ are not really petals but bracts. Its fruit is said to be an achene but I have not yet seen one.

I am sure by now you have guessed which plant I refer to.

Yes…. Its the Bougainvillea!

The plant belongs to the Nyctaginaceae family and the Bougainvillea glabra is a common species B spectabilis is another.

What a wonderful roof cover!
Just a few of the glorious colours!
The Pink bracts enclose the white flower!
India Posts has issued a stamp to honour this plant.

Some Bougainvillea variants lend themselves to being made into Bonsai and are popular among Bonsai artists in India. Here is wonderful Bonsai by Master Nacho Marin as it put up on the Bonsai Empire website.

A stunning Bonsai by Master Nacho Marin .. Image uploaded via a link from the Bonsai Empire Website
This is a Bougainvillea bonsai by late Mrs Mandakini Malaviya . Photo added on 15/1/21

Where have you seen the Bougainvillea? Which colours have you seen? Have you spotted the double coloured cultivars?

I am joining Parul in her ThursdayTreeLove bloghop. Do head over to see fantastic trees from around the world. Better still join in!

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  1. I’ve seen bougainvillea in our Southern state of Florida – it blooms in the winter when I have visited in the past (not this year!). It’s beautiful and you have some lovely examples in your post. Alas, it’s not at all hardy where I live. The bonsai – I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a bougainvillea bonsai but I may have.

    1. Thanks Alana! I have added another image of a Bougainvillea bonsai made by my teacher . That image was taken several years ago. But yes, this is a common species for bonsai in India. Almost every Bonsai ‘Mom; would have at least one.

  2. I adore bougainvillea. And I love love love that first photo with the trees and fields beyond. Also the bougainvillea bonsai. Fabulous!

    I know bougainvillea from living in Thailand for several years. It would grow everywhere – and often along the sides of roads or in the median between multilane highways.

    After your comment about it being a non-native, I had to look up where it is from originally! South America, it seems. I never knew.

  3. Such splendid and colourful flowers of Bougainvillea! Coincidentally, I put up a mustard yellow coloured bougainvillea pic on my Whatsapp profile. Seeing your post brought smiles to me. Enjoyed your post Archana.

  4. I love love the bougainvillea. I had a plant and then it died. Recently I got one again and I want to let it climb the railings of my balcony. It may be one of the very first trees/plants/vines that i started recognising. I have seen many colors including a white and one that is grafted to have many colors. The bonsai is just brilliant. Thanks for sharing and making me think of my childhood with these blooms. See you tomorrow.

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