Yash stepped out of his house eagerly looking forward to closing the deal. This was to be his come-back project after a break. As Yash rose the corporate ladder facing success after success, he unknowingly picked up a routine to which he attributed his success.

The lucky Pen. The lucky Tie. The Auspicious day. The lucky Number.

There was a longer list of no-nos. Saturdays were out of question. Blue shirts were out. And the list increased every day.

The entire team was forced to follow his quirks especially as the company continued to benefit from every transaction he closed.

As the years went by, Yash’s superstitious behaviour became almost fanatic and took on shades of OCD. His individual whims were now imposed on the team; something which the top brass was forced to take notice of irrespective of the successes he brought.

They decided that he either took medical help or would be shown the door.

So here he was, after six months of therapy and medication, ready to prove his mettle. A make or break stage in his career.

As Yash drove out of the building, he floored the brake and broke out into a sweat.

A black cat was crossing the road ahead of him.

Yash compulsively reversed the car.

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I am joining Vinitha in her Fiction Monday series using the above photo prompt.

7 Replies to “Reverse”

  1. Oops, Yash is in trouble! These blind superstitions are difficult to get rid of from one’s mind.
    I loved this story, Archana. You brought out a very important message through this story. Always a pleasure to read your stories. Thank you for joining in #fictionmonday. Looking forward to reading your story for the next week.

  2. Every situation I think is impregnated with the power of our beliefs!
    I like cats, even black! The contrast between the color of their eyes and the fur, sometimes is amazing…
    Superstitious could be very harmful sometimes!

    Thank you for the story, Archana and thank you for your visit!
    Have a beautiful week ahead!

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