Forty years ago, I came into the Haveli as part of the dowry that Badi Bahurani brought. Yet I spent all my time with Rai Bahadur Sahib. He loved the smooth feel of my skin, my colour and declared we were a good fit! He was indeed a visionary and I saw his company grow from a single factory to the current conglomerate. It was thrilling to see him plot the takeover many a competitor. Sahib was a workaholic and I wasn’t complaining! It meant we could spend more time together and Badi Bahurani was sure I was taking good care of him.

Sangram Bahadur learnt the ropes at Sahib’s feet and I watched him mature into an astute businessman. It was natural for him to take over the reins once Sahib retired and I continued to serve him. Sangram treated me with the same respect as did his father in fact even more so when both my arms were broken. We spent long hours and Choti Bahurani too joined us sometimes. I only wish I could hold his hand when he was stressed out when Demonetisation hit us. But I am sure, sitting together did give him support, peace and new ideas as our company bounced back very soon.

Sangram’s children were not interested in running and taking the family business forward. I had grave doubts about the future.

My future.

My worst fears were realised when Sangram Bahadur was forced into retirement due to a massive heart attack. Choti Bahurani did not put up any resistance to the next generation’s decision to sell off the company.

Suddenly I was orphaned. And sentenced to one corner of the storeroom.

The new owners had no place for a 40-year-old wooden chair. With broken arms.

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

I am joining Vinitha in her Fiction Monday series using the above picture prompt .

8 Replies to “Orphaned”

  1. What a lovey story! Knowing your passion for trees , I was expecting your narrator to be a tree so the chair came as a delightful surprise !

    1. Haha! You read my mind.. I began in with the tree talking to us.. and then the ‘chair started talking’! 😉 Thanks Sunita! Have a great day!

  2. That was so nice. Archana! The twist was great. Poor chair. Thank you for joining this week’s #fictionmonday. Hope to see you next week as well! 🙂

    1. Yes.. I know of enthusiasts who have got antique furniture from old havelis. Not a very happy situation but then that is life i guess. Thanks for stopping by Akshata!

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