Meena sat desultorily in the Mall guarding the numerous bags that Anu, her daughter-in-law had deposited in her care along with the children. Anu was getting her nails done.

Music blaring from hidden speakers drowned out shrieks of her grandchildren playing in the Kids Zone. The Game Console shone with bright lights which made it the top attraction. A toy train chugged past, whistling ineffectively in its attempt to clear its path.

They had been here since the Mall opened and Meena’s knees were protesting. Her feet ached from the unbroken Walking Shoes. Was her Plantar Fascitis returning? Walking on these super smooth floors was not easy at her age.

She was nursing an expensive coffee that had more froth than brew. It was cold now and tasteless . Maybe she should have opted for good old Nimboo Pani instead..

Meena had never understood the attraction of spending time in a Mall.

Before her patience was tested, Anu returned, smiling from ear to ear.

“Thank you so much Maaji. I hope the kids did not trouble too much. Now its your turn. I have booked a special foot massage for you. All you have to do is relax, I will mind the bags and kids.”

So saying she escorted a happily surprised Meena into the Spa she had just exited.

I am joining Vinitha in her Fiction Monday series using the word prompt ‘bright’.

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  1. Lovely narration, Archana!
    The idea of the foot massage is so tempting…I wonder when I’ll have one for myself!! 🙂

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