Amazing Ochna (Wordless Wednesday)

Its finally rained in Pune and my Ochna is welcoming it whole heartedly!

Here are its blooms .. used my phone-friendly macro lens after a long time!

Early morning!
Half an hour later
Close up
Yesterdays’s flower
That is not a bud! Its a flower from a week ago.. the sepals of the pollinated flower, close and turn red and then bloom again after a few weeks! The yellow flower is now a red ‘flower’!
The red sepals open to reveal the seeds! The seed is green initially and turns black later. The entire flower show lasts for over a month! (This is an earlier photo)

I am sure you loved these flowers as much as I enjoyed sharing with you.

I am joining Natasha in her Wordless Wednesday blog hop.

8 Replies to “Amazing Ochna (Wordless Wednesday)”

  1. Dear Archana,

    Absolutely lovely to see you on our #WordlessWednesday frame. 🙂

    I’m not sure I have seen an Ocna blooms but I love the burst of yellow and red.

    Thank you for joining.

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