The Fall

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years of staying behind books had left her with thick spectacles, an above average intelligence and low self esteem.

she spent hours in this library honing her mind hoping to impress Him. Did He even realise this?

He whom she had adored. He whom she idolised.

she was satisfied with the crumbs he threw her way.  an occasional nod.

but then something snapped today.  He had gone too far. 

who was he to comment on her looks or lack of it. 

His words had cut like a knife. 

the laughter of their colleagues made her feel about an inch tall. 

she had come here to hide. 

and there He was, so close to her.. beyond this row of books…. His handsome face lit by the hanging bulbs.

her heart beat faster… had He followed her to apologise?

his cruel laugh echoed as he described her to someone on the phone.

the bile tasted sour in Her mouth as anger welled up. 

this time he had gone too far. 

the authors sitting in their rickety shelves whispered at her. “Go Go Go Go.” 

without another thought, She gave a mighty push and the shelf obliged as the authors rained their disapproval on him. 

authors in adjoining shelves followed as She rushed out amid the sound of cracking wood and his screams. 

I am joining Vinitha in her Fiction Monday series.

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  1. Wow, I didn’t expect that ending. I hope he learned his lesson. Nicely done!
    Thank you for joining, Archana. Hope to see you in the coming weeks too. I will tag you when the fifth edition goes up if that’s okay. 🙂

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