Surreal (Wordless Wednesday)

Samanea, Leafburning, Pune

As summer sets in, a large number of trees shed their leaves. While the authorities do carry them away and people compost the leaves yet the volume is often overwhelming. 

This means leaves are burnt irrespective of the sideeffects of this action.

Yet the smoke from such leaf burning created this effect on the early morning rays of the Sun as they streamed through the canopy of a Rain Tree.

I am joining Esha and Natasha on Wordless Wednesday. Hop on!

12 Replies to “Surreal (Wordless Wednesday)”

  1. Marvellous shot, Archana! I love how you captured the light so beautifully. Thank you for joining us this week with your lovely photopost!

  2. Such a striking image! ☺ The burning of leaves is so bad for the environment and strictly prohibited here.

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