You Choose (ThursdayTreeLove)

One a particularly chilly morning, I was trying to capture the colours of the sky as the Sun rose. As I checked the image, and despite not wearing my spectacles, I thought that something in the foreground was equally eye catching..

Sure enough, a closer look revealed that a Capparis was blooming and its flowers begged me to admire them too. Capparis grandis belongs to the Capparaceae family and its flowers characteristically have showy white protruding stamens.
Pachunda, Capparis, vetal tekdi
I was torn between the glorious sky and the beautiful flowers of this tree. 

I am unable to choose which is more beautiful.. 
I leave the choice to you!

This is my 40th post on this Label/Hashtag as I join Parul in her ThursdayTreeLove Blog hop. Its been a Tree(mendous) journey, one that I hope to continue to read (on other blogs) and share (here). So dear readers, join us on this blog hop to see some beautiful trees from around the world or better still, share yours!

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  1. The flowers win here – because you've picked another one I've never seen. Weeks away from blooms where I live, I appreciate them even more. Lovely!

  2. Eye catching photos Archana! These flowers remind me of Guava flowers. They look almost similar and has the smell of Guavas which is so satisfying.As you might have guessed the flowers took all my attention for now.

  3. I know I will appear biased but I will vote for the tree.It's a lovely one and those flowers are delightful.
    I love how much you know about trees. Amazing!
    Also thank you and congrats on your 40th! This means you and I go back 40 Tree(mendous) posts. Hugs and love!

  4. The flowers are beautiful! They remind me a little of honeysuckle. How wonderful to have both the flowers and the sky.

  5. Such arresting photographs. Once the AtoZ is over, can I join your tree hop ? Of course in France, we don’t have the same kind of trees. But if you would like to join me on Facebook : susan Baury Rouchard, I can share with you some beautiful Japanese Cherry trees blooming here in Toulouse at the Oriental Museum, MusΓ©e Georges Labit, Gardens, rue du Japon. And in my garden : cherry tree and pear tree White blossoms.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Susan B Rouchard.

  6. @Susan – ofcourse, please do join the tree hop! It a bimonthly feature on Parul's blog. We would all love to see trees from France. Thank you for stopping by πŸ™‚

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