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Rain Trees are fairly common avenue trees in Pune. I have been told that these were planted specifically because their canopies give good shade and they grow very fast. Many have massive trunks that cover the entire footpath forcing pedestrians to walk onto the road. Some would take five people holding hands to ’embrace’ the tree!

I have always seen these huge trees from the ground up. Recently I saw their canopies almost at an eye level from the sixth floor of a building. The foliage looked absolutely amazing — almost like green waves rolling in towards  a beach! 

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Okkk that maybe a slight exaggeration but indeed the canopies are really beautiful.

Rain Tree (Albizia saman) is an exotic species in Pune and is found very commonly. It bears fragrant pink flowers that resemble Shireesh (Albizia lebbeck). This is but natural as the two are ‘cousins’ – botanically speaking. 

Some of the older neighbourhoods in the city boast such Rain Tree-lined roads and the street below get bathed in the filtered sunlight thus staying fairly cool.  Looking up, one can see a beautiful netted canopy created by the multiple branches and subbranches which glitters in the sun. 

I am joining Parul in her bimonthly ThursdayTreeLove blog hop. Do head over to see some fantastic trees from around the world.
Better still, join in with your trees.

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  1. I love rain trees and for exactly the reason you mentioned. The canopies and the fact that are home to so many birds, squirrels and little animals.
    Thank you Archana for joining and sharing these beautiful green pictures.

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