Looking Up (ThursdayTreeLove)

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A Tree Walk is a wonderful experience especially when one is doing a recce walk to identify the species. On one such visit, we chanced to look up and were totally floored by this view… This is the canopy of a very old Rain Tree that was just bursting into leaf. The sunlight glittered on the tender shoots. This gave a glorious painting against the blue of the sky! 

Most big Rain Trees have such glorious canopies. If possible do look up whenever you happen to see one … There is much to be enjoyed when looking up from the humdrum…

I am joining Parul in her #ThursdayTreeLove35 blog hop. Head over for some amazing trees from around the world. 

PS: To complete this post, I have to add that the botanical name of the Rain Tree is Albizia saman. It is not native to India and belongs to the Mimosaceae family. In Pune it is extensively used as a roadside tree and easily identified by its massive furrowed trunk.

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  1. Albizia Saman is the new word I learnt, I appreciate you for sharing this amazing tree, just looking at it I felt so happy with the background of the blue sky.

  2. I love that. The blue, the green and the dark brown. What a lovely shot. I love rain trees though I wish I was able to identify them. Thank you for sharing the scientific name. But I love rain tree more 😉

  3. @Parul!Yes, rain tree is so much easier 🙂
    Common names are always easier to remember but then they change from place to place… Scientific names is common all over the world… Thanks!!

  4. I hopped across here from Parul's when I saw 'Pune'. That's been my home for almost a decade. This one is a beautiful capture. The green is so tender at first I thought it was the yellow of blossoms on the tree. I love that Pune has a substantial green cover and trees that are ages old.

  5. Yes, Pune is lucky to have a large number of trees (though many are exotic species) especially in the central parts of the city. Thanks for stopping by Tulika! 🙂

  6. I had to come and see it when I saw Parul's blog saying Raintree – I used to love them when I was in Bangalore and happened to see some in Kochi too recently. These are the ones which have a purple and white flower and smells just divine- the flowers are wonderful source of nitrogen and great for compost!
    Thanks for sharing such a terrific capture Archana!

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