Sleeping (#ThursdayTreeLove)

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Strange as it sounds these trees do have a ‘sleeping’ habit dont you think?

I came across them in Moscow during our tour of the Kremlin. As yet, I havent been able to ascertain their ID and none of the locals around including our Guide could help me in this respect…

Why must they be horizontal? Flattened in some storm perhaps? Or is it the natural growth style of the species? 

I wonder…. Any ideas folks??

I am participating in Parul’s #ThursdayTreeLove24. Do head over for some fantastic trees from around the world.

12 Replies to “Sleeping (#ThursdayTreeLove)”

  1. I live in a climate with harsh winters (not as long as Moscow's, though) – I am stumped! Sorry. I hope someone knows.

  2. That is so unique. I have never seen trees like that. Maybe something to do with how the tree grows? Great entry and thank you for joining, Archana!

  3. Really a very interesting tree….. Were they growing like this only in this spot or all over the place?

  4. @Parul, these were the only trees that grew horizontally… Really unique. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  5. @bellybytes – I saw them only in this spot.. not sure if they are in other parts of the complex. Thank you 🙂

  6. That's interesting. These trees might have decided to occupy more space than trying to reach sky.

  7. Wow 🙂 what a brilliant capture, just loved these trees 🙂 really looks like sleeping hahaha

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