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Posting a little late but still… 

I had only read about this tree and for a long time, it remained just that.. a tree that would need a special effort to see… Finally it was a trip to (hopefully) see tigers, that let me see and admire the Sal. Its botanical name is Shorea robusta and belongs to the Diptocarpaceae family. Special effort because the Sal only grows in northern parts of India.

I saw the Sal forest during my trip to the Corbett National Park. In fact, the road to the Dhikala guest house is dramatic as it passes through these towering trees. It was early summer, and the time was right for fresh foliage to break out. Clothed in glorious shades of green, the Sal lived up to the image that was created in my mind. 

 An indigenous species, it is a handsome tree and the canopy casts dense cooling shadows. 

Sal canopy

Sal Flowering. Image Credit Rahul Rao

The Sal does face some threats, forest fires being a major one. Natural events like lightening too can damage trees. Infact there is landmark in the Dhikala zone called Mota Sal, which is the remant stump of a Sal that was struck down by lightening during a major storm… The stump still is quite awesome and my image does not do justice to its size…

Have you seen the Sal? Do make it a point to admire this glorious species whenever you get the opportunity!

I am participating in Parul’s photo initiative #ThurdayTreeLove. This is my contribution to #ThursdayTreeLove22

And before I forget, yes, we did see Tigers on that visit!!

12 Replies to “Towering (#ThursdayTreeLove)”

  1. Wow !! I just loved the first two pictures, amazing, fell in love with these trees, never heard of sal. Thanks for sharing:)

  2. I have never seen a Sal and I would love to visit the Jim Corbett National Park. I wish I stayed close so that we could take a trip. Loved your pictures and you are right about forest fires. They dry up so quickly that they can get caught in a fire. Thank you for joining, Archana.

  3. I never heard of Sal trees. They do have beautiful flowers, not like any tree I have seen here in the United States.

  4. Oh I love the Sal trees too and have enjoyed walking/driving through them on my many trips to Corbett, Dehradun and generally that belt! I love the images you have shared here Archana – the flowering Sal is something I am yet to see!!
    Pssst: Did you note the blood red soil thats underneath these trees? Or the giant anthills in the shiny red mud all through the forest – its quite an amazing sight too!!!

  5. @shalz75 .. yes, those ant hills were as tall as humans! The entire ecosystem is great there.. Thank you!!

  6. I live in California, so I doubt if I will get to see this tree. I probably will never make it to India. Thank you for sharing your lovely photo. Many of our trees here have also been killed by lightning.

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