Golden (#ThursdayTreeLove)

Salai, Pune, Tekdi

This is a Boswellia serrata of the Burseraceae family (locally called Salai). In the above image, the golden glow is due to the morning sunlight on its fading (hence golden yellow) leaves in the autumn. The hills in Pune have many Salai and its easily recognised by its peeling pale coloured bark. It blossoms in January though the flowers are not very conspicuous. The tree exudes an oleo-gum-resin which is said to have medicinal properties, as is the tree bark. 

Here is the same tree in the monsoon – isn’t it a glorious transformation?? 

The following image shows the peeling bark. If you can zoom in, its possible to see a greenish layer beneath the yellowish papery peel.

Fall colours in the colder climates are a much sought after touristy delight, one that is high on my wish list. The deciduous trees in my city also display changing leaf colours in the autumn which are just as beautiful.  

Have you noticed leaves turning golden in November every year?

I am participating in Parul’s photo initiative #ThurdayTreeLove. This is my contribution to #ThursdayTreeLove21

8 Replies to “Golden (#ThursdayTreeLove)”

  1. Wow! The fall colors are awesome and look at the transition. Love all the pictures are such neat shots too, Archana. I am happy you shared. Thank you for joining!

  2. I never really thought about trees changing colour in India especially Poona where I grew up in! Next time I'm around there I'll keep a look out for this tree. And thanks for sharing the Botanical name….I wish I could remember all these things. Brings back memories of A.C.Dutta which we had for Botany in school.

  3. Wow you have chronicled the changing facets of a tree with the seasons!! This is such a lovely way to write this post and I have never seen this tree before; though have been to Pune. Next time will keep a look out for it!! cheers 🙂

  4. Thank you bellybytes! Actually there are many trees that change colours here however they do so at different times and are mostly located away from each other. Hence the colour change is less dramatic… Yes, A.C.Dutta was an excellent book..

  5. @Shalini, it was quite easy to document the change in this tree as it is on my regular exercise route… Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  6. Oh my God I just loved the golden glow and so glad to see the same in a different colour, thank you for sharing I have never seen a tree like the golden glow.

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