Fallen ( #ThursdayTreeLove)

Sea Mahua , Manilkara littolaris

Walking along the almost pristine beach at Elephant Island near Port Blair, my path was blocked by this massive gnarled tree. Its bare whitish bark exuded a strange beauty that competed fiercely with the blue hues of the sea. The thickness and length of its trunk suggested it had seen several summers. While the locals did not seem to know its name, it could have been Manilkara littoralis or the Sea Mohua but this is just a guess…  The beach had several such specimens that I later found, the effects of the Tsunami perhaps?? It continues to awe despite having fallen….

One of the local names of the Sea Mohua is Andaman Bullet Wood. The name Mohua first reminded me of the familiar Mahua and both these belong to the same family Sapotaceae (Chikoo family). 

Here is another image of the same tree (trees) on another beach. It gives an idea of how they tower over us!

I am participating in Parul’s photo initiative #ThursdayTreeLove. This is my contribution to #ThursdayTreeLove-19 

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  1. The tree does look magnificent.Fallen still not forgotten.ThursdayTree love lets me see these gorgeous pics.

  2. The location is amazing… loved the combination of the blue sky, the sea and to the side is this white fallen tree.. while I admire this picture, it hurts me to see a fallen tree reminds me of elderly who fall often as they are unable to withstand the challenges of life, physically, emotionally and sometimes financially too.

    The second picture is lovely reminding me of the same people when once upon a time where independent and led a active life. Thanks for sharing !

  3. These trees are stunning ! And so majestic . I now know why a friend of my father once shipped a whole load of timber from Andamans after his retirement. Must have been seasoned wood

  4. Majestic is the word @bellybytes! However we were told that (we visited in Mar 2017) shipping of timber from Andamans is not allowed now. Only local use is permitted. I guess this move is necessary to protect the forests there. At the Chatham Saw Mill, we saw the process of seasoning of logs and the final product would be really really good thus giving superior quality furniture. Thanks bellybytes 🙂

  5. What a stunning shot. I also have got a few at Andamans. The beauty there is so pristine. I simply fell in love. Check this out when you get time and thank you so much for joining. Means a lot – happinessandfood.com/thursday-tree-love-4/

  6. Thanks Parul! You have a great initiative going, gives me a reason to browse old folders looking for tree photos! 🙂

  7. Thanks for stopping by Balaka!I am unable to comment on your blog … You have showcased some wonderful trees!

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