More Morning Hues (Wordless Wednesday)

A beach in Goa..
The Sun rises in Goa
The sugarcane fields were in bloom and I could not resist trying to capture the glowing inflorescence from the moving vehicle. The camera does no justice to the beautiful scene..

Posting a day late, but I am sure you will enjoy these images of beautiful mornings ..

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Elephant Apple (ThursdayTreeLove)

What is it that first strikes you about this tree?

I am sure you will agree with me that its the glossy leaves that are eye catching. This is the Dillenia indica of the Dilleniaceae family and commonly known as Elephant Apple. This is a native species and its flowers are just as beautiful as its leaves.

The family Dilleniaceae is in honour of Johann Jacob Dillenius who was a Botanist and Botany Professor at Oxford. India Post has released a commemorative stamp of this tree species.

The leaf has a serrated margin and distinct veins

The five petaled fragrant flowers are large, solitary and face downwards.


Apparently the fruit is a favourite of elephants hence this common name! It is about the size of an apple and I have read that the pulp is used in some our our curries etc.

A few years ago, this species was not very common in Pune, and tree lovers made it a point to visit the few known locations where it did grow. However now I have seen it growing at many places , even on roadsides!

Have you seen the Dillenia indica? Do look out for its blossoms in June/July and Oct to Jan.

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Morning Hues

Stepping out before Sunrise means we can enjoy the beauty of rising Orb before its blaze makes it impossible for us to look up.

The advent of Smartphones allows us to capture these moments where ever we are.

I am sure you agree!😊


Photo by Daniela Constantini on

The incessant whistle of the cooker woke her up. Her mind was whizzing as put her thoughts into perspective. Five years of hope and hard work that did not yield results.

Ever since leaving school, it had been her dream to become an IAS officer. With single minded dedication she had prepared for the exams. This was her last attempt at the coveted Civil Services entrance exams. She could not make it through the Prelims  in her first attempt but progressively improved to reach the Interview stage by her third attempt.

She consoled herself that things could only become better. Yet the next two years saw her unable to ace the interviews. No amount of coaching or studying or motivation or morale boosting seemed to help cross the final hurdle. Time seemed to be running out as she would be reaching the age cut-off for her category. 

She gave in to her parents demand and  got married.

This final attempt was simply to appease her conscience that every opportunity had been taken up. She was unsure how her new family would react to her dream.

But she was in for a huge surprise.

He took complete control and let her concentrate on her goal. Not a single problem however trivial reached her. She gave all she had to this attempt. Whenever she did find some free time, both of them went for long walks. He introduced her to Classical music. Occasionally they played Rummy.

She felt calm and confident and optimistic. A new job awaited her.

“There’s coffee for you.  I am making Alu Parantha for breakfast. Come on….the website should have the results soon.”

So saying her husband of one year opened the Laptop.

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Joy (Wordless Wednesday)

Urban life imposes space constraints especially with respect to growing plants and gardening.

Despite these, I nurture a small plant collection in my balconies that gives me immense joy. Spending time with them everyday is a must and a huge stress buster for me.

Here are a few glimpses of my morning joys.

My Kamini!!

Tiny delicate flowers of my Wax Malphigea
The almost translucent fruit of my Wax. It’s a bonsai in training.
I got this beautiful Fern about 20years….prepared several ‘offsprings’ over the years.
My Cherry bonsai caught me napping as it showcases these fruit. How did I miss them all these days?
Flowers of my Geometry tree. Interesting name isn’t it? 🙂
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Green ( Wordless Wednesday)

These figs begged to be photographed as i waited by the roadside.. This is a Ficus species and the tree afforded a cool refuge from the heat. They looked like green pearls adorning the brow trunk!

Do you agree? 🙂